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5,555 Unique Craniums on Solana


Cranium Club is a collection of 5,555 craniums on a mission to change lives in our community and communities around us. Every decision starts in the brain, so we’re on a mission to provide mental coaching to guide the community in the right direction.

1. Mission

Our purpose for this project is to impact thousands of lives in a positive way while giving NFTs another positive and ethical use case. Everything begins in the brain and we need healthy, well-functioning brains to excel the ecosystem and the ones around us to the next level.

Our brains pick up the emotions and habits of people we spend time with so we believe that if we start a healthier community, our mission will spread like a wildfire.

2. Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to spot in the metaverse when the community searches for result-oriented change in their lives.

We want to be known for making life-changing impacts inside of our community and communities around us. We also want to give the term ‘NFT’ a new, positive meaning in everyone’s minds.

3. Core Values

With our community, our brand and our partners at our core, we live these values –

  1. Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.
  2. Challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow as a community and individually.
  3. Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect.
  4. Delivering the very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.




5,555 Unique Craniums generated from 140 traits launched with fair mint using Metaplex's Candy Machine and Arweave. Secondary markets & holder verification will come after mint.

Brain-Healthy Events

We will be holding brain-healthy events in our discord such as meditation/mindfulness sessions and AMAs with psychologists and guest speakers from different fields related to brain health.

Mental Health Coaching Sessions

Within 2-3 weeks after project launch, we will be onboarding full-time mental health coaches. We will grant holders 1-1 access to these coaches at no extra charge, allowing for at least one appointment per one-month time frame.

Coaching Session Upgrades

We will be continuously improving the quality of the coaching sessions by making adjustments to the front and back end of our utility platform while keeping the sessions running. These include accounting for therapist preferences and pairing holders with the most appropriate coach.

A 3D Office in the Metaverse

We will start building a 3D office in the Metaverse that every holder can visit for therapy sessions, schedule appointments and take part in holder events.


What is Cranium Club?

Cranium Club is an NFT project consisting of 5,555 unique, healthy, algorithmically generated brains stored with a proof of ownership on the Solana blockchain. They care about improving and learning about mental health.

Why should I care?

The crypto and NFT space operates 24/7 with real gains and losses that can be at times, life-changing. Being expected to constantly grind can send you into an early grave and kill your mojo – whether you’re an artist, developer, collector or trader. Our brain controls everything, from clicking the mint button to how we breathe and digest food. Yet, we understand little about how it works. As NFTs, crypto and metaverses gain mainstream adoption, we want to create a positive space that can equip members with the tools and knowledge to deal with mental health issues and promote holistic wellbeing.

What will I get by holding a Cranium?

Ownership of a brain opens access to 1-1 mental health coaching sessions, brain-healthy events on Discord and participation in the plan to create the first 3D mental health office in the metaverse.

How will you provide 1 on 1 mental health coaching sessions to all holders?

Every mint will help fund the mental health coaches that we have to hire. With a full sellout, we’ll be hiring 5-6 full-time therapists after mint, which will equate to a load capacity of ~560 appointments (30 min) per week. From there, we’ll be scaling up or down as needed. Our goal is for everyone to have the chance to a coaching session at least once a month.

Utility will be fully developed and rolled out 2-3 weeks after mint. Until then, we will be offering many events for the community to get to know each other.

How qualified are the mental health coaches?

All mental coach therapists will require at least a master’s degree in psychology or a related field. Licensed coaches will be chosen over unlicensed ones. Every mental coach will be thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure that we find the best for our holders.

What’s the difference between mental health coaches vs therapists?

The main difference between mental health therapists and mental health coaches, is that mental health coaches do not specialize in complex clinical problems.

Mental Health Coaching includes but is not limited to – managing emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, reducing stress, reducing anxiety, leadership coaching, and behavioral coaching. Coaching is future and action oriented and should never be utilized for complex clinical problems or emergencies.

Should I join this project to treat a complex clinical mental health problem?

No. If our mental coaches, our community or you yourself suspect that you have a complex or serious mental health issue, we’ll recommend that you get treatment outside of this project.

Why do you not hire mental health therapists?

There are many regulations around offering “therapy” due to licensing and governing bodies in the US. These regulations limit licensed therapists to offering services in ONLY the state that they’re licensed in. With mental health coaching, we can avoid those limiting regulations, avoid any future complications and open up these services internationally to holders.

What is the expected lifetime of this project?

We expect the mint proceeds to provide us a runtime of 3-4 years after mint. After that, we’ll need to rely on royalties to proceed. 12k sol of secondary volume should cover a full year of therapists! As a holder, you’ll get access to the mental health coaching sessions throughout the lifetime of project.

Is the mint price too expensive?

Not when you do the math! The average cost of therapy is $100-$200 PER SESSION. An NFT for 1.5 sol (~$270) that can give you at least 12 sessions a year would result in over $2000 in savings. And that’s just for the first year! The NFTs can also be gifted. All holders will have access no matter how they’ve attained their NFT.

How will funds be allocated after mint?

Mint funds and royalties from secondary sales will be allocated as such – 60% towards paying mental health coaches, 25% towards our core team’s salary, 7.5% towards marketing, and 7.5% towards funding our community wallet.